Heaven 2 Ocean

Simple ideas can sometimes go a long way. A game concept based on water quickly evolved into a team project spanning the country. One successful pitch and 10 weeks of development later, it ended with the finals of Dare To Be Digital 2007- and widespread public acclaim. This is the story of Heaven 2 Ocean.

The game itself is easy to learn yet difficult to master. Using gravity and the ability to tilt the world, players must guide water out of harm's way- to the end of the level. Puzzles must also be solved and challenges overcome to make progress. Further twists allow the water to be changed to steam or ice- transforming the game completely in the process.

Many unique challenges were faced throughout the project. As game play and engine programmer, I worked successfully on the following problems:

  • Core physics & water simulation.
  • Rendering and optimisations for target hardware. Particle effects system.
  • Audio and level events system.
  • User interface and menus.
  • Debugging tools.