Lan Wars

Online gaming has advanced incredibly over the past 20 years. While Doom first popularized play over the LAN, Quake revolutionized the field with its client/server architecture. QuakeWorld and Unreal also made further improvements through client-side prediction; producing responsive gaming over a 56K modem.

Our task for this project was to incorporate a QuakeWorld style architecture into our own networked game. AI requirements also included A* path finding and the use of finite state machines to control behaviour.

In addition to these requirements, the final version of the game also includes:

  • Support for up to 8 human participants.
  • Complex game play area consisting of a complete Doom level.
  • Area of interest management to reduce bandwidth use & latency.
  • Multiple AI behaviours including ambush, patrol and hunt.
  • Optimised AI path finding and line of sight calculations.
  • Transmission rate control and optional reliable data transfer over UDP.
  • Error correction to deal with lost packets.