Terminal Velocity

What is it that makes driving fun? Downsides such as traffic aside, the experience of an open road on a sunny day can often be both relaxing and enjoyable in equal measure. One could argue that much of this comes from the physics involved; speed, cornering, acceleration and so forth. Games such as Gran Turismo capture this essence well- and are quite popular as a result.

For Terminal Velocity we were required to implement many aspects of the driving simulation for ourselves. Given no prior knowledge of car physics, this was a challenging task. Much time was spent researching as a result- learning how to achieve the required behaviour.

Terminal Velocity implements many advanced features, some of which include:

  • Tyre, car and engine physics. Havok integration.
  • Dynamic bump mapping and lighting.
  • Cube map reflections and water.
  • Static (light map) and dynamic shadows.
  • Post processing effects such as depth of field and edge outline.