Trampoline Sim

Make no mistake about it. After decades of advances in graphics, it is now time for physics to join the forefront of technology in games. For true immersion to be achieved, games must not only look realistic, but act realistic too.

As such physics was an important subject throughout our games development degree. For a final challenge, we were tasked to create a full rigid body simulation- modelling a trampoline. Furthermore we were not to use any physics SDKs or libraries, only code written ourselves.

The following accomplishments were made during this task:

  • Full soft body simulation with added RK4 integration for accuracy.
  • Rigid/soft body interactions & reactions
  • Oriented bounding box collisions.
  • Techniques to produce more stable contacts.
  • Broad phase collision detection optimisations.
  • Specular lighting shader for easier visualisation.
  • Wireframe mode and other debugging features.