Trig Wars

One of the fascinating things about nature is how complex behaviour emerges from simple rules. Ants for example build entire colonies, locate distant resources, and go to war. They have in essence a 'hive' mind and act as single units, despite there being no central authority. All this comes from simple chemicals called pheromones, and through basic interaction with each other.

Such emergence can be reproduced in computer simulations- often to great effect. To this end, Trig Wars implements two forms of group behaviour in its enemies:

  • Flocking (akin to shoals of fish or herds of cattle)
  • Swarming (similar to wasps or insects)
Other highlights & features of the game include:
  • Lone, predatory enemies or hunters.
  • Intense particle effects.
  • Distinctive glow shader for extra visual appeal.
  • Support for thousands of enemies; highly efficient AI algorithms.