Wheels Of Steel

Fast, slick and fun.

Accurate words to describe the arcade racing genre. Past masterpieces include Outrun and the Road Rash series. Meanwhile, games such as Burnout Paradise continue the legacy for modern day audiences.

Featuring high octane racing and fluid handling, Wheels Of Steel aims to deliver a compelling arcade racing experience. As a Windows GDI project, it must also use very limited drawing functionality to render the world.

Highlights of the game include:

  • Distinct pseudo-3D graphics achieved using 2D drawing functionality.
  • Intelligent AI cars that react to obstacles, the road and other players.
  • Track obstacles such as oil-slicks and trees.
  • Adjustable game parameters and difficulty.
  • Optimisations such as back-face culling and mip-mapping for fast graphics.
  • Arcade style user interface and menus.